Hip Hop N More Interview With Mr. Porter


HHNM: Speaking of Dre, what the hell is up with ‘Detox’? And have you heard any of it, ever?

Mr. Porter: Yes, I have.

HHNM: Recently?

Mr. Porter: Yup. Look at it this way, when it comes it will come. It will be here when it’s time. If it shows up it’s cool, if not it’s still cool. What can you take away from a dude who’s done what he has done. This show that he put on this past weekend was monumental. That was life changing for people. Even though some people used that technology(hologram) before, it was never talked about this much.

HHNM: Yeah, you can’t ever take anything away from him.

Mr. Porter: Yeah, you can’t rush a person to make something that he wants to be right. You can’t blame him for that. People put their expectations on you. I almost wish he never said anything.

HHNM: Yeah, because it’s been a decade now (laughs).

Mr. Porter: Yeah because I hate that he had to go through that pressure. I know how he works. Most people don’t give a sh*t about the creative process, I do. I want him to be comfortable and be happy working. Not like people wanna shoot you down because they waited too long. That sh*t is wack. He’s got music with other people that’s great. He’s working with Kendrick and the records that he has with him are dope. Appreciate what you have. Let that process be that process. I’d rather wait. And I’m one of his protégés so I will do whatever is required. I’m a fan but I’m also a friend. I can go to the store and get popcorn for him if I had to. If people calm down, I believe it will come out.

HHNM: You produced 50 Cent’s chart topper ‘P.I.M.P’ but I don’t think you worked with him again after that apart from G-Unit’s ‘Stunt 101’. What’s the reason?

Mr. Porter: Man, when it comes to that situation, we’ve done a lot of records in between. What happened was really just timing. I went different ways and all that. What people don’t realize about 50 is that, that guy held our ship for a long time. We were going through turmoil and 50 was out there by himself. I think that’s the story that should be told. He has been recording music to my beats but they just didn’t make the cut or whatever. 50’s the man though. He held it down for Shady/Aftermath when we weren’t going through a good phase. Dre lost his son, we lost Proof. 50 was out there grinding by himself.

We recently have been talking a lot about some records. Maybe it will happen on his new album, I don’t know. I wasn’t giving it my 110% on the records that I was sending him since I wasn’t in a right space but hopefully, that will change now and we will work soon.

HHNM: So did you recently send him any beats? Any possibility you could land up on his new album?

Mr. Porter: Yeah, actually I am currently looking for a record for him. I gave one record away that was specifically for him. I had to give it to another artist because it was a deadline issue. It had to be turned in, in time.

HHNM: And who’s the artist that you gave the beat to?

Mr. Porter: Umm..well I’ll say it will be coming out around next month. And it was a group, not a solo artist.

HHNM: Ahh..Slaughterhouse?

Mr. Porter: Maybe. And the crazy part is that I actually gave away one of my singles. It was a single I wrote for myself. Then I thought it would be perfect for 50 and then the whole situation came up and went to somebody else.

HHNM: By the way, that Slaughterhouse album is shaping up nicely.

Mr. Porter: Yeah man, Em is mixing their record right now. He’s killing the mixes man. I was just up there yesterday listening to one of the songs I did. Em is phenomenal. I do so many things like produce, mix, rap, sing and all that. I just have to work on marketing it now. And Em will tell you himself like he’s still learning certain stuff. And that’s funny cause I tell him like “yeah you got it” and he’ll tell me like “naw I’m still learning” (laughs).

HHNM: Yeah I think mixing and mastering is really, really important. For example, that new Kendrick and Dre record sounds so crisp. You can hear so many layers on it.

Mr. Porter: Yeah, I’m glad you said that because people need to learn that. It’s not something that is easy. You have to put your all into that stuff. You need a lot of patience for it.

HHNM: Name a few artists that you would really like to work with or produce for but haven’t done yet.

Mr. Porter: Hmm let’s see. Kendrick is definitely one of them. And I will definitely work with him. I’ma collaborate with a lot of producers as well. Just try to do something different. I’m gonna probably work with Wale and Rick Ross. I like B.o.B as well and would like to do something with him. Slim The Mobster is really dope. We did 3 or 4 records together. And he’s Aftermath family so that’s good. And yeah, BJ The Chicago Kid. That kid is really dope. And me being a singer too, I really like when I hear a good singer. Hopefully, I will get to work with him.

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