Future Reveals Self-Titled Album Tracklist

Tomorrow night, Future will release his 5th album which is self-titled and you can pre-order it here. It was announced just earlier this week so we don’t have a lot of information about it, but Zane Lowe will be interviewing the star in traditional Apple Music fashion. We also now have the official track list.


As expected, the LP sits at 17 songs long. As of now, iTunes lists no guest appearances but there’s a chance that they’re just being held for now. Surprisingly, neither ‘That’s A Check‘, ‘Buy Love‘ nor ‘Ain’t Tryin‘ make the cut so the only song we’ve heard is ‘Poppin Tags‘. Take a look at the tracklisting for FUTURE below.

1) ‘Rent Money’
2) ‘Good Dope’
3) ‘Zoom’
4) ‘Draco’
5) ‘Super Trapper’
6) ‘POA’
7) ‘Mask Off’
8) ‘High Demand’
9) ‘Outta Time’
10) ‘Scrape’
11) ‘I’m So Groovy’
12) ‘Might As Well’
13) ‘Poppin Tags’
14) ‘Massage In My Room’
15) ‘Flip’
16) ‘When I Was Broke’
17) ‘Feds Did A Sweep’

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