Watch Logic’s ‘Everybody’ Documentary

It isn’t unusual for artists to release an accompanying documentary with their album. J. Cole was the latest artist to release one titled after this latest album 4 Your Eyez Only, although it came months after the album’s release as an HBO exclusive.


Logic’s new album Everybody is in stores now and receiving a good response from fans. On his third studio album, Logic is addressing the racial troubles he goes through, being a half white and half black person so it’s a project which is dear to his heart. Fans who purchase the deluxe edition of the Def Jam/VMG set also get access to the Everybody documentary.

The 45 minute film follows Logic through the making of the album which has a lot of contributions from guest artists, musicians and instrumentalists. Even his wife Jessica Andrea has guest vocals on several songs and skits. There is one scene where the rapper gets very emotional about the content of the album and how much love he gets from his dedicated fans.

Watch the documentary directed by Justin Fleischer & Mike Holland in its entirety on Apple Music here.

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