Majid Jordan Announces New Album ‘The Space Between’ To Release This Fall

Majid Jordan haven’t released a full length project since their self-titled debut album back in February 2016. Since then we’ve heard random songs here and there like ‘Free (Us)‘ and ‘Gave Your Love Away‘ and then their two singles ‘Phases‘ and ‘One I Want‘ with fellow OVO artist PND. Both Majid Jordan and Roy Woods clearly have projects coming soon and it was like a guessing game trying to figure out which would come first but now we have an anwer.


It looks like Woods’ Say Less album will drop very soon and then Majid Jordan will put out a new project in fall. It’s called The Space Between. We’re not entirely sure yet whether it’s an EP or an LP but the latter seems very likely. Regardles, music in the fall from these two sounds heavenly. We can’t wait. If you’re fans like us, check out our piece on them from earlier this year here.

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