Travis Scott Album with Unreleased Songs Hits Streaming Services

UPDATE (Oct. 14): The Apple Music album was taken down later but most of the songs have surfaced again on Spotify today under the name “Rager Universe.” There are 15 tracks in total on this upload.


Previous story (Oct. 6):

In another case of unauthorized songs landing on streaming services, a whole album full of Travis Scott tracks is now available on Apple Music.

Kanye West was a recent victim of a similar situation when his tracks from his yet to be released (or scrapped) YANDHI album hit the iTunes stores as ringtones. In this case, however, the tracks are of full length and appear under the album title of Astro Universe by artist name Zekrom.

After we spotted a couple of fans mention the album on Twitter, we went to check the authenticity of it. It’s true — these songs are really performed by Travis Scott but we’re almost sure they were not green lit by him or his label to be out there. Some of these tunes seem to be ones which have leaked in the past but there are a few which we have never heard before. Lil Ui Vert appears on track #6, ‘Be Cautious’ aka ‘RaRa‘.

The label mark on the release says “Big Uzi Vert,” pointing to the fact that it’s not a legitimate release. The album is also available on YouTube. We have reached out to Travis’ team for a comment on it.

Yesterday, we reported how Travis Scott was still signed as an artist to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label.

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