Kanye West Issues New Mix of ‘Jesus is King’ on Streaming Services

When Kanye West finally released his new album Jesus is King on Friday morning, there was a complaint from some fans that the mix sounds out of place on the project.


If you know Kanye well, that shouldn’t be a surprise at all. The rapper has now issued a new mix of his album on streaming services. The main difference is that the vocals on a lot of the tracks now sounded crisper than before. Regarding specific songs, ‘Follow God’ has a clear difference in quality while Pusha T’s verse on ‘Use This Gospel’ and Ant Clemons’ vocals on ‘Everything We Need’ are now significantly louder and cleaner.

How do you experience the new mix? You’d have to delete the download or the copy from your library on the respective streaming service and re-download it.

‘Ye is now notoriously known to issue new mixes of his albums after the initial release, despite the fact that he pushes them back constantly leading up to the release date. During The Life of Pablo era, Kanye added new tracks, new mixes and even updated tracks with new versions on streaming platforms. While some fans enjoyed the “living album,” others were irritated with the fact that they had to update their albums time and again, finding the experience unsettling.

When it came to his last album ye, the now Gospel artist adopted a similar strategy. A sample was removed from ‘I Thought About Killing You’ after it was never cleared while other songs received new mixes.