Kanye West Releases Gospel Themed New Album ‘Jesus Is King’: Stream

UPDATE 2: The album is finally out. Without further delay, listen below.


About two months ago, Kim Kardashian took to social media to post what was implied to be the tentative track list to a new Kanye West album called Jesus Is King which was set to arrive on September 27th. It is inspired by the Sunday Service events that he has been doing across the country for last few months.

Of course, Kanye West album releases haven’t been that simple for a long, long time now, so fans were still skeptical. When the same image was uploaded to Ye’s website shortly after, it made things a little more real. Kanye has relied on “speculation” as the best promo strategy for his albums in recent years so it was no surprise that he did not talk about this project even once before its release.

The last month has been fun/full of confusion for fans, with part of the mystery being whether the album was actually going to drop or not. Earlier this week Kanye finally it made it official when he revealed that the Gospel themed album will arrive in stores on Oct. 25.

Before the album hits stores, here’s the tracklist unveiled by Kanye which seems to have changed a bit from the one played at the listening sessions in Chicago and other places.

Earlier today, Kanye was interviewed by Zane Lowe where he revealed that he is releasing another new album titled Jesus is Born on Christmas day.

UPDATE: Kanye says they are still fixing mixes to three songs.