Lupe Fiasco Takes Fan’s Beat on Twitter & Turns it Into A Freestyle: Watch

Lupe Fiasco is a genius rapper and like all greats, he’s a little crazy and random too.


Here’s another instance of that. A musician named KAELIN ELLIS uploaded a video on his Twitter called ‘White Falls’ which was basically him playing some keys and bass on the instrumental he had created. One Twitter user replied to the tweet saying, “Get this to @LupeFiasco somehow.” Well, looks like Lupe ended up seeing the tweet and what did he do? He took the beat and rapped on it.

Lupe released the impromptu-sounding freestyle on his Twitter shortly after with the caption, “Stop leaving y’all beats just laying around…it ain’t safe out here…#LF95.” Yup, that’s classic Lupe. Watch him kick some bars below.