What is the Best Music Production Software for Mac Computers?

Are you wondering what is the best music production software for Mac computers? If yes, you should check out our list of options right here.


There are no rules when it comes to music production. It’s a time to be as creative as possible and to put your all into the record. But before you can start creating, there’s one important decision that you must make.

That decision is choosing which software you are going to use. With Mac computers being very popular among producers and sound engineers, it’s important to find software that’s suitable for this platform.

So that brings us to the question of what is the best music production software for Mac?

And we’ve got a list! Keep reading to review the top five platforms.

Before The Production

Before choosing a music production software you should take into consideration how much storage is available on your mac. It’s highly recommended that you keep up with system updates and always check battery health on mac computers whether you’re using a desktop or laptop to produce.

Now that keeping up with your mac health is clear, let’s get into our list.

Logic Pro X

This digital audio workspace (DAW) was designed specifically for Apple and it is a professional-level software. The system contains virtual instruments and a large library of top-quality samples to choose from.

It comes with an advanced interface that includes track and instrument layering, a mixer, and score editor which allows users to easily create their own musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) tracks.

Logic Pro X also includes a virtual drummer and programmable arpeggiator to help take your melodies and rhythms to the next level.

This software is affordable and provides users with lots of production options.

The system is complex and could take a couple of months of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it there’s no limit to what you can come up with.

PreSonus Studio One

This software has a very easy to use and clean layout which makes for quick production. Not only good for beat making but a strong audio recorder as well.

Studio One has no musical limitations and can produce high-quality sound. There are three versions of this software available and they are Prime, Artist, and Studio. Prime being a free option and the other two valued at low to high price points.

The Prime version of Studio One offers a lot for being free software. This 32-bit option includes over 1 GB of sample and loop content and nine high-quality effects. There’s no limit on the number of tracks that can be produced at this level and it is a great option for newcomers.

If you need more options, the Artist version is available for a fair price. This system, also 32-bit, includes more effects and instruments and offers the major creative features that industry professionals look for.

Still need more and are willing to spend? Then the Studio version may be the best fit for you. Studio is a 64-bit system and comes with third-party plug-ins that will help to elevate the production.

Studio also comes equipped with a project section for album creation, voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) faders, a Melodyne Essentials license for audio correction, and a free iPad control app license.

Steinberg Cubase

The Cubase music software program has been around for over thirty years and continues to provide artists with sound innovation. It is a versatile system and has one of the largest sound libraries in comparison to others.

Its vast sound library includes the following: HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE, EDM construction kits, and LoopMash FX to name a few.

The Cubase software contains some of the most powerful plug-ins associated with DAWs, making it a very strong system.

Industry professionals across all genres have praised this music creation software for being fast and flexible.


REAPER, which is short for Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording, is as impressive as its long name.

REAPER is cost-effective software that is guaranteed to go above and beyond. Regarded as being one of the more customizable DAWs on the market, it is a fully-functional and responsive system.

This music production software offers a full 60-day free trial and its license is Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) free meaning that you will have total control over your creations.

The program is constantly evolving as music technology becomes more advanced. Throughout its many evolutions, REAPER is committed to being a fast and efficient platform.

With over hundreds of studio-quality effects, and thorough MIDI and plug-in support, it proves to be a sophisticated option amongst the more higher-priced software that is currently on the market.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools by Avid is regarded as being the industry standard when it comes to mixing and mastering records. This unique software gives users the ability to do everything. You can compose, record, mix, edit, and master all within this platform.

This system has a 64-bit memory capacity and contains its own Avid Audio Engine which provides users with a very fast processor. It also has its own latency input buffer and built-in metering to minimize the amount of delays users experience during the production process.

Pro Tools comes equipped with 70 effects and plugins such as reverb, compressors, EQ’s, and channel stripping.

This is also a great tool for group production. The Avid Cloud Collaboration system allows for collaborative projects to be performed easily. Also, the Avid Marketplace is designed to help connect the audio community.

The software can take a while to learn and is not cheap, but the features and quality that it can produce make this a worthwhile investment.

Key Takeaways On The Best Music Production Software For Mac

As highlighted above, each of the music production software systems proves to be strong in their own right.

When choosing which platform you wish to use, it’s important to thoroughly analyze each one as well as to come up with a realistic budget.

You want to get the most out of all of your music technology investments and by going with any of the above software you will. They truly are the best music production software for Mac.