Here is The Full Booklet for J. Cole ‘KOD’ Album

J. Cole has released his fifth studio album KOD today. The term stands for “Kids On Drugs,” “King Overdosed” and “Kill Our Demons”, Cole had revealed during the listening sessions for the LP in New York and London earlier this week.


The album comes out with literally days of notice to listeners but by now, Cole’s fans have been quite accustomed to this release strategy. Jermaine likes to move under the radar and then strike out of nowhere. Just like his previous two albums, KOD doesn’t feature any guest appearances either — kiLL edward is an alter ego of himself with a lower pitched voice.

If you buy the album on iTunes or the physical copies in stores which J. Cole revealed hits stores today (April 20), it comes along with a beautiful booklet which you can peep below. The art was done by Kamau and the pages contain full lyrics to the songs. The production and other credits have not been revealed yet.

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