Definition of a Trash Song

Paradiso Girls – ‘Patron Tequila’


First of all, I’m sorry if you actually like the song.

Wait. Why the hell am I apologizing? I didn’t come out with this song !

Here’s a new track by a new girl group called Paradiso Girls which has been founded by Robin Antin, who also created the Pussycat Dolls. This was originally Keri Hilson’s song for her album In A Perfect World but pulled out at the last minute. That version had T-pain too along with Lil Jon, the latter still staying on this one.

So what’s the reason for my hate.

First, what the hell is Lil Jon doing on the track? Screaming, shouting, abusing ?

Second, a stupid (no matter how catchy..) hook giving props to liqour/alcohol ? WTF.

Third, the same hook saying ‘we could all get f****d up tonight’ ! Like, what exactly are you trying to say ?

Fourth, Is that actually a song by a girl group ? It has to the ugliest vocals I’ve heard on an urban track, in a very long time.