Spotify Releases ‘Song of The Summer’ Predictions List for 2019

Throughout the year, Spotify releases some interesting stats publicly for nerds likes us to let us know what is streaming good and what genres are doing well on the platform.


Every Summer, the streaming giant also puts out a list of songs that they think have potential to be “Song of The Summer.” The list is not limited to a particular genre and is based on a number of factors like streaming numbers, current trajectory and future forecasting from Spotify’s global curation team.

For this year, Spotify has en eclectic mix of songs, ranging from Young Thug’s ‘The London’, Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘I Think I’m Okay’ and Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Earfquake’ to Daddy Yankee’s ‘Con Calma’, Bon Iver’s ‘Hey, Ma’ and Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran’s ‘I Don’t Care’. Take a look at the list below (in no particular order).



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