7 Aurelius Says Def Jam is Blocking Official Release of Kanye’s Song ‘Brothers’

Kanye West’s latest song ‘Brothers’ was featured on an episode of Irv Goti’s BET show TALES which got a pretty good reaction from fans.


And we aren’t surprised. The Charlie Wilson-featured song had the soul of the “old Kanye” which fans like me always appreciate. But listeners have been complaining about not getting official access to the track as it’s still not available on any of the streaming services. The only way to hear the song was through an IGTV upload of a clip from the show on Irv’s account but even that was taken down soon after it was out.

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Do you want to know what is happening with brothers? find out in the video. The Universe did not give me this song for it to be tied up in some Corporation like Def Jam. This song was written heal relationships, open dialogue and bring people together!!! join me in supporting this song in all of its forms of release. someone needs this out there!!! I know I do☆ #fightthepower #releasebrothers #kanye #defjam music biz 101: To all New Artists, Master ownership is useless in terms of revenue unless its released to streaming. This is the conundrum I find myself in. my options are release my own version or the instrumental and hook. I leaning more in the direction of doing both. this song is very special to me, and too important to not be available on streaming. I have the highest level of respect for my brother Ye. I would never disrespect the bond that was created during this process. I have the same love and respect for Irv. but this sh☆t is bigger than Nino Brown!!!!! This is The Universe and Source energy moving in me. and saying these words- …"Get the Music To The People Now!"-and that's what I'm gonna do. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ This is 100% the feeling and opinion. of B7LLY and the fans of kanye West's 'Brothers'. let me know your thoughts and opinion of what you feel I should do in the comments☆ -B7LLY

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The song was produced by 7 Aurelius aka Channel 7 who was responsible for crafting many hits during Murder Inc’s prime era in early 2000s. The very private person has been on and off social media but through his new account, expressed his frustration about the song not being easily available to fans. And he blames Kanye’s label Def Jam for it. Through an IGTV post as well as a story, 7 claimed that ‘Brothers’ was being “captive” by Def Jam.

7 was absent from the scene for years before he landed a production credit for ‘Violent Crimes‘ on Kanye’s ye album last year. In fact, this 2012 interview with us is one of the last ones he ever did.

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