The Game’s Sexual Assault Victim Reportedly Cleared to Collect Music Royalties; Rapper Reacts

The Game’s legal troubles are not going away anytime soon.


Back in April, it was reported that the rapper was ordered to pay $7.13 million in damages to Priscilla Rainey who had claimed that in 2015 on the set of The Game’s VH1 show She’s Got Game, the rapper sexually assaulted her. He was sued for $10 million over it and failed to appear in court.

The judge in the case had ordered to seize The Game’s newly established Prolific Records record label and his latest album, Born 2 Rap. Now a federal judge has ruled that the woman who won the $7.1 million judgment against the Compton rapper in the sex assault case can seize his royalties to recover the amount in the judgment.

Judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled last week that Priscilla Rainey can officially collect The Game’s royalties from Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) until the debt to her is paid, BOSSIP reports. The judge has further ordered that if Game tries to block it, he could face contempt of court and even jail time.

Game reacted to the news in an Instagram comment while replying to someone. “Even if I did lose 7 million which I haven’t, I’d still be good & happy,” he said. “Money ain’t shit but thin wood and doesn’t matter in my life. I’ve had it, sent it, thrown it and given it,” he continued.