Pic: 50 Cent’s Shocking Weight Loss For New Movie

You can’t be serious !!!

US Weekly

Update: Added 2 more pictures after the cut.

Update 2: He’s back to normal now.

Pics via Thisis50

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  • hustla


  • hustla


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    If He Puts Such Effort In His Upcoming Album.Will Be Dope….lol….

  • G5

    what. in. the. world.

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  • http://hiphop-n-more.com WOAH

    LMFAO i Agree with EMPEROR but this is extreley CRAzy. . .

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  • Jay

    He doin all this for movies that’s gonna go straight to DVD?? SMH!

  • http://eminem.com.pl Polak

    co za zjeb

  • fuckhater

    suck 50cent dick



    Who TOld You Its Going To DVD ?…Its His Cinematic Debut.

  • WOW

    Wow ppl are really stupid.look at his buff pis with tattoos on his arms!!!!now look at the skinny pic…Hummmmm no tattoos.I’m no genus by tattoos don’t go away when you lose weight!!LMFAO

  • Nisha

    @WOW You must not be keeping up with recent news, because 50 Cent has been removing his tattoos in order to get more acting gigs.

  • Nestle

    Rick Ross keeps winning….that shit looks sad for real…

  • Keeplar

    to Nestle, Rick Ross need a diet like this one… lol

  • nellz

    the tattoo’s are airbrushed his skin colour for films u stupid fucks

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  • roc

    wtf dude???

  • james

    1. This isn’t unusual if you’re attempting to be a serious actor.

    2. While it’s unhealthy I don’t think it’s as bad as any of you think. Especially since he has a professional personal nutritionist who’s job is to help him gain and lose weight healthier.

    3. He probably has make-up on to make him appear as a person with cancer. Hence, if you remove the make up he wouldn’t look as ill or close to death.

  • http://gracedyamonds.wordpress.com Grace


  • james

    50 went through laser surgery to get them removed. This isn’t NEW news. It’s been known for a while that he removed his tatoos.

  • http://hiphop-n-more.com WOAH

    ^troo dat

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  • elizabeth Jones

    He takes acting very seriously, he has a great will power to be able to loose all that weight just for a role.
    By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions here is the topic about 50 cent:

  • man

    man dat 50 cent so dey need 2 stop feelin yall lil heads wit dha lies iight.

  • man

    dat aint 50 cent sorry 4or dha mistake. 50 cent wouldn’t even do dat

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  • burrr!

    this nigga got a big ass head, looking like two conjoine basketballs, t’is too funny

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