Hip-Hop’s Vault: 8 Lost Songs We’ll Probably Never Hear

hip hop vault

Drake – ‘The Luckiest People’ (Feat. J. Cole)

Recorded: 2010 (Source)


There’s a whole bunch of J. Cole collaborations with other huge rappers that we could have picked. From ‘Temptations’ and ‘Shock The World’ with Kendrick Lamar to a song with Meek Mill, French Montana and Wale, Cole’s got an extensive list of features under his belt that the general public are unaware of. One of the lesser known tracks is one which was talked about on only one occasion, but that’s enough for us to remember. Back when Elliott Wilson was with RESPECT Magazine in late 2010, J. Cole spoke with him briefly on a song which he was sent by Drake called ‘The Luckiest People’. “That sh*t is dope. I’m recording my verse”, he said. One can only imagine what this sounds like. ‘In The Morning’ wasn’t the lyrical slugfest that fans around the World had hoped for when they found out a Drake and J. Cole collaboration was in the works but it served its purpose. ‘Jodeci Freestyle’, amidst controversy, put them 2 for 2. Assuming this was ever finished, it’s a hidden gem.

Jay Z – ‘?’ (2Pac Diss)


Recorded: 1996 (Source)

This song’s existence was reintroduced to the World weeks ago but has been confirmed for years. If it were performed at any point in today’s day and age, clips would inevitably be on social media within seconds. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. At The Apollo in 1996, Jay Z touched the stage and performed a diss track firing at Pac for the 2,000 people present. Not one piece of footage exists from the night. The main reason we’ll never hear this is out of respect, but it’s not too farfetched to assume that the record has likely been lost. A piece of history never to be uncovered.