The-Dream ‘Jewel’ Album Released Accidentally By SoundCloud ?

the dream crown jewel

More streaming platforms = more problems?


Yesterday, a couple of users on the web noticed that a bunch of new songs from The-Dream were available online on SoundCloud Go, their newly launched paid streaming service. After going through the tracks carefully, we found out that they were actually part of the “Jewel” EP that Dream had promised to release last July. It was the second part of his Crown Jewel album with the first already getting a wide release on all platforms the day Jewel went up for pre-order.

the dream soundcloud go

The 10 Jewel tracks available to preview on The-Dream’s SoundCloud account are only visible to U.S. visitors and are not listed as part of any playlist. What’s strange is, the project isn’t available on any of the other retailers or streaming services whatsoever and no press release regarding the EP can be found on the internet. There has also not been any mention by The-Dream on his social media channels about it. The EP was supposed to be released on Capitol Records, who he left just three months after signing. He had explained the business side to his deal and why it was not possible for him to release the project at the time.

Moreover, while replying to a fan on Twitter back in February, Dream mentioned that Jewel will be released on Tidal “soon” so this makes the case even more confusing.

As a result of the album being available on SoundCloud, the full thing has now leaked online on various websites containing a total of 10 songs. This reminds us of Rihanna’s rollout of ANTI when the album was released several hours prior by Tidal due to a “technical error”. Only problem is, this has far more ramifications. We reached out for a comment to The-Dream but haven’t got a response yet.

Jewel Track List:

1. Royalty
2. 90’s Love
3. Black Magic
4. Love Me Back
5. First Time In Paris
6. Boat
7. Cover Girl
8. I Love You
9. Butter
10. Transparent

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