Kanye West Reveals Ty Dolla Sign & Nicki Minaj are Featured on ‘YANDHI’

Kanye West was supposed to release his new album YANDHI (inspired by Indian activist Mahatama Gandhi) on September 29 but after keeping fans waiting for days beyond the date, he announced that it will now come out on November 23rd.


Kanye later also revealed that he was going to Africa to record additional material for the album. After spending about a week in Uganda with wife Kim Kardshian and daughter North, Kanye is back home in Chicago but he has kept details around the project quite a secret so far, like any other ‘Ye album. But he decided to open up a little bit last night during an episode of “Raq Rants” show on BET. TMZ’s Raquel Harper caught up with Kanye on the sets of the music video for ‘We Got Love’ earlier this month and asked him what we can expect from the LP.

Kanye revealed that Ty Dolla Sign, who he’s consistently termed as one of his “favorite musicians,” and Nicki Minaj will appear on YANDHI. The controversial artist went on to further say that Nicki did a verse on a song that addresses body shaming. “The concept right here, it’s a ‘Ye concept but I’mma say it y’all right now. I’m taking to stigmas in one because I love stigmas and flipping them into positive,” he said.

He continued to talk about how men are celebrated for sleeping with several women but ladies are shamed for the same. But as he was about to say some “wild sh*t” to explain the concept of the track, he stopped short and asked everyone to “wait for the album.” Watch the clip above.

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