Justin Bieber’s New Album Reportedly Titled ‘Forever’; Enlists Post Malone, Travis Scott, Kehlani

Justin Bieber’s #2020 campaign officially rolled out on Thursday night when he released his new single ‘Yummy‘ to the masses and got a mostly positive response.


TMZ now reports citing sources that JB has shortlisted Forever as the title of his new album which is due sometime in March, a few weeks before he ventures out on his massive tour. He also has got a tattoo by that name on his neck which is strong evidence that it’s the album’s title as he has previously inkedĀ Purpose and Believe on his body, inspired by name of his LPs.

As as far guest appearances are concerned, the Canadian superstar has reportedly enlisted the likes of Post Malone, Travis Scott and Kehlani for the album. We will see how much of this sticks in the end.