Play It On The Radio #11

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I’m a lil late on this PIOTR post. I wrote my first exam today. I got 4 more to go and then I’m done with School forever. Yes !

So, this post is all about Mr. Slim Shady coz he’s the one making moves this week. I got a couple more news bits and I’m just gonna keep it very brief with Part 11. Just make a lil effort and hit that jump !

  • Eminem’s new single ‘We Made You’ is the song with Most Increased Plays and the Most Added this week on BOTH Top 40 and Rhythmic formats.
  • On Rhythmic, 36 new stations and on Top 40, 52 new stations have added the song this week.
  • It debuts at No. 38 on Top 40 and at No. 27 on Rhythmic. Also, when I last checked, it was on No.4 on iTunes.

Other Bits:

  • Twista’s ‘Wetter’ goes to Urban radio and Sean Kingston’s ‘Fire Burning’ releases on Rhythmic radio this week.

That’s all I got for you. Anticipate, till next time.

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