Lil Wayne Says He Has Material for 20 More Albums Ready

It’s not been even 24 hours since the release of Lil Wayne’s new album Funeral but it look like the veteran rapper already has more music ready to go.


Chatting with Zane Lowe about his new drop, he said he works on his albums down to the wire and is constantly cooking new material. “That’s always beautiful to look back at the finished product and what we came out with, what we ended up with. And also the results of the finished product is always rewarding, as well. I have beautiful fans,” he said on Beats 1 radio.

“But my fans, they also know that once it’s put out, they already know I’m moving on. They already know I got 20 more albums already in my back pocket,” Weezy continued. That’s not surprising because we heard whispers that he’s been playing new material from his upcoming album Velvet for select audience. Watch the clip below.

Wayne also spoke on some of the songs from Funeral (see the production credits here). On ‘Satan’s Kid’, he said: “Oh, man. Plain and simple, I just like the… That hook got me. I’ve been saying that hook on so many [song]. First of all, my songs, man, I may say a hook, I may say vocals on one of the beat and been listening to it for so long to where I get tired of hearing it on that beat and once I hear another beat, I may say, “I would like to hear this song slower. I may like to hear this idea faster.” Once I throw it to another beat, it’s almost like eureka. And that’s one of those songs that I did that, too.”

The Young Money boss said he would like to tour the album if fans like it enough.

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